If you are looking for a new electronic whiteboard to enhance your office productivity, or you are considering replacing a board, click here for the latest models and options.


The A4 plain paper printing models use a thermal film for printing. When this runs out the display will show a small letter r. In the UB models, the replacement film is the UG-6001. Older plain paper printing models use the KX-BP082 consumable. We can supply all consumables, accessories and parts. Contact ESC Technology.


Your electronic whiteboard is a great office tool but when a board is used extensively, it can become rather grubby and a lot of ink dust can collect on the tray and in the internals causing problems. The surrounds become marked and rather unsightly.


ESC Technology can help by cleaning and restoring your electronic whiteboard to tip top shape. Call for an appointment.


Screen ripped or damaged? No problem. Screens can be replaced. Contact us for a quote.